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Main products of the company:

1. YUKEN oil pump, YUKEN vane pump, YUKEN variable piston pump and accessories.

2. Wiggs oil pump, Wiggs vane pump, Wiggs plunger pump, Wiggs variable plunger pump, Vickers plunger pump, Vickers oil pump, Vickers vane pump, Vickers oil pump and accessories.

3. Japan Daikin DAIKIN plunger pump and fittings. Variable piston pump and fittings.

4. Rexroth REXROTH plunger pump and accessories.

5. Japan's NACHI piston pump, Japan's NACHI gear pump.

6. Japan Tokyo gauge TOKIMEC (Tokyo America) vane pump, variable piston pump and accessories.

7. Sumitomo gear pump SUMITOMO Japan.

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